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Bursting Myths And Misconceptions: Vedic Astrology Or Jyotisha

Explore the origins of Vedic astrology in India, and burst the myths and misconceptions surrounding the practice

The origins of Vedic Astrology dates back to the earliest days of the Hindu civilization. Astrology or “Jyotisha” is the study of celestial bodies in order to make calculated predictions about one’s life and probable future. Its followers claim it is an advanced science; and given the many folds of its practice which cannot be explained by today’s scientific reach, there are bound to be misunderstandings and misconceptions towards its nature and practice. Here are some of the myths and misconceptions:

It Is Paranormal/Psychic

People often write Astrological practices off as magical or mystical practices involving psychic abilities or even paranormal entities. This could not be further from the truth. Astrological practices, or Jyotisha, is quite literally “the study of light”. This light is a metaphor for the stars and planets and other celestial objects such as the sun and the moon which are studied under the practice. The main component in astrology is the birth chart, which is nothing more than a detailed description of the position of the celestial bodies at the day and time of one’s birth.



It’s All About The Horoscopes

Whether you believe in them or not, we are all guilty of indulging into the details of our Zodiacs and horoscopes. It is entertaining, no doubt. But don’t mistake horoscopes to be the all of astrology. Astrology studies birth charts to understand the innate nature of a person by understanding the celestial positioning and their consequent effect on a person’s life.

It is probably one of the dangerous misconceptions about the study and practice of Jyotisha. Since Jyotisha is nothing more than a study of celestial movements and progressions and makes probable predictions about the future and its events, but in no way can it be used to change the contents of what future might hold.



The Gemstone Myth

Another popular myth involved in the perception of astrology is the misunderstanding surrounding the use and function of gemstones in its practice. It has been popularised that gemstones brings healthy rays from the sun and change the way of our life pans out, and correct and unfavourable possibilities.



It Is A Business

The roots of Jyotisha are based in the overall welfare of the human race. In today’s world, owing to many unfortunate representations of the practice, it has been believed to be a business, a means to earn money, and its authentic value to the human life has been compromised with. It is important to understand that sages devised astrology as a means to help those around them live better, more fulfilling lives. Needless to say, they did earn a living out of their practice, but this was based on the help that their knowledge of astrology provided the people. The practice was in no way devised as a business model.


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