Does Meditation work?

Does Meditation work?

Real Silence is when you have a silent mind even when you are speaking.

Shri HWL Poonja

Real Silence

What is Real Silence? when the mind has settled into a thoughtless state it leads to real silence. This Infinite silence is within us. But the question is why connect with this silence?

It’s like this When you connect with your base mind, you are only connecting with a local service line. Where the energy supply is limited

When you connect with the real silence it’s like connecting to an electrical grid that has boundless energy.

When you connect with your base mind, it’s like connecting with a local electrical line with limited energy.

The mind becomes more creative and pure when it’s stilled. Remarkable developments and inventions have emerged out of a mind which is stilled.

Albert Einstein would take long walks to get his mind off of physics, only to have a solution appear to him suddenly. In this information age, Too much thinking and consumption of information make us mentally wreck. Accessing this deep silence within helps us to become calmer, less stressed, healthier, and  gives us greater mental clarity


How does meditation help in this discovery of Real Silence? Meditation done the right way helps us to become more self-aware about ourselves and eventually the Real silence within. One comes to this stage after attaining a state of mind which is in deep concentration. Concentration leads us to a meditative state. Observing the present without judging, criticizing, analyzing, or reacting helps us to realize silence.

Reaching this stage takes a lot of effort in the beginning. Most of them realize that it is very hard to sit and concentrate. They give up very quickly.

The key is to Practice, Practice, and Practice. Mastering meditation is like any other skill. Finding the routine that works for you and gradually building the intensity is the key.When one gains mastery in meditation one can focus on what one wants for any time duration. This kind of meditation practice helps us to realize the Real silence within.

Your Thoughts

The average human mind goes through thousands of thoughts in 24 hours. our mind keeps jumping from one thought to another thought. The gap between one thought and the next thought is where you experience real silence.  regular practice of meditation helps us to live in that gap of Real silence. To find silence, the egoist self must be made quiet. Through Meditation, Chanting, Prayer people have connected with Real Silence. Any endeavor where you serve others selflessly helps you to connect with yourself. You connect with silence when you seek simplicity, purity & truthfulness in all your actions.

The Supreme Reality that is Moksha is experienced only by Real silence.

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