Health Benefits That Will Make You Go Gaga Over Yoga

Explore the endless health benefits which can be reaped out of the regular practice of one of the oldest physical disciplines in the world – Yoga.

The ancient Indian culture spoke highly of the practice of yoga and meditation. Turns out, there was a good reason why. Ancient Indian saints understood that human consciousness existed in two realms, the spiritual/mental realm and the physical realm. Meditation and yoga were tools devised to help us gain control over these realms, and in lieu, gain control of our lives. While meditation was used for introspecting one’s psyche and regulate one’s thought and emotions, and in doing so ascend spiritually, yoga was meant to help us gain control of our physical realities. Yoga involves a methodical progression between asanas which help a person gain better understanding of their body through breathing and movement. Yoga promotes a slow and mindful approach to physical mastery, pressing on slower progressions and the ability to endure the poses and postures for lengthened durations of time. Let’s explore the various benefits that come out of inculcating the practice of mindful yoga into our lives.

Physical Agility & Strength

The most famed benefits of yoga and also the most sought after are the physical benefits.

  • Yoga helps us monitor muscle movements and isolate muscle groups which help build muscular strength.

  • Becoming more mindful of one’s body movement helps one become more and more agile in their day to day.

  • The various postures involved in the practice of yoga involve a great deal of flexibility, and with regular practice result in more limber joints and enhanced flexibility.

  • Like any other form of exercise, yoga engages one’s internal systems such as the cardiovascular and respiratory and strengthen the muscles of the organs involved. It also helps control health issues such as weight gain, cholesterol, muscular and joint pains. However, it is always recommended that one consults their regular health practitioner and a professional yoga instructor before they proceed to battle their woes with yoga.
















Emotional Health

A healthy body homes a healthy mind. Yoga leads to enhanced physical health and allows the yogi to become a healthier individual through its many benefits. This leads to emotional welfare as well. Like all other forms of physical exercises, yoga too pushes the body to release “happy hormones” and improves the overall emotional wellbeing of the individual. Often coupled with meditation, yoga can help people overcome several emotional as well as psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, body-image issues etc.

The benefits of yoga have been applauded by medical associations across the world. However, before one embarks on this journey they should keep in mind that yoga requires patience. While the benefits are tempting enough for you to jump right in, yoga is centrally about forming a connection with one’s own body and movements, and working through that understanding to improve its functioning. But don’t let the patience scare you. The practice of yoga has been said to be highly fulfilling and rewarding. So, roll those yoga mats out, take a deep breathe, feel your body around you, and begin. Trust us, you will fall in love.