Why is the Nandi in a seated position in front of the Shiva Lingam?

Why is the Nandi in a seated position in front of the Shiva Lingam?

Whenever we visit the Shivji temple most of them would have noticed the Nandi in a seated position right in front of the Shiva lingam. Most of them would have wondered the reason behind this seated position?

Spiritual Significance

In the Sastras and scriptures, every symbolic form has a deep significance and meaning. The Shiva  Lingam is the symbol of the Almighty Supreme Eshwara. Almighty Supreme Shiva is the creator of the Cosmos.  Nandi (Bull) is the symbol of Jeeva (Individual soul). Just like the Nandi, man should turn away from Prakruthi and direct all his attention always towards Eshwara only. The bull is a symbol of stability sitting on four legs. Always in a meditative and receptive position. People have always misunderstood meditation as some kind of activity. Meditation is the receptive quality to experience Love. The four legs represent Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Righteousness), Shanti (peace) and Prema(love). The purpose of a human being is to realize Moksha. This can happen only when one has perfect control of Gyan Indriyas and Karm Indriyas. Then the individual soul can finally merge into the supreme soul. Also, it is said that no one should stand between Eshwara and Nandi and one should look at Eshwara through space between the two ears of Nandi. The symbolic meaning of this is, that Nandi through sadhana of using its ears to listen about Eshwara, the animal nature in the Nandi becomes transformed into Divinity. This merger of Nandi with Eshwara it is called Nandeeshwara (Bull-God).

 The seated position of Nandi always looking at God signifies the purpose of life is to realize the oneness of all creation and one’s identity with the Divinity. See God in everything and love every creation of God.