Grand memorial to the violin maestro

Every one in the northern part of the Bangalore wouldn’t have missed to view a huge auditorium in the shape of a musical instrument namely Violin.

This building was built in memory of our one and only seven string instrumental musician Mysore T Chowdiah.

Violin as an instrument is a boon for the field of classical music in particular Karnatic music. As every one would be aware that the instrument being fretless, gave a depth to its possibilities towards performing in the field of karnatic music. The fretlessness itself is a boon from which the Indian musicians started experimenting and succeeded in bringing the Violin towards south Indian classical music.  

Violin it is believed that during the British rule it probably got popularised among the Indian musicians by the efforts of the Indian musicians. 

The musical instrument got its popularity due to its tonal proximity to the human voice and the advantages it gave towards the abilities in glides, the gamakaas….

Even now with out violin  our karnatic music concerts will remain void. 

The total effect of any musical instrument nurturing the vocal music gives peaceful domain and chaste feeling towards inspiration and enjoyment beyond the descriptions.

Dr Raghu is a violin artist who runs the academy Sri Academy of Music and Arts. For more details connect on 9449346638

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